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Company Formation Hong Kong



How to Reserve a Company Name in Hong Kong

Updated on Thursday 21st December 2017

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How-to-Reserve-a-Company-Name-in-Hong-Kong.jpgCompanies in Hong Kong must register a unique company name, one that does not resemble or infringe existing ones. The name of the company can be reserved during the registration procedure. Other entrepreneurs who wish to register their own names will be able to see that a certain name has already been chosen.
A simple company name search can be performed using the Index of Company Names. This can be accessed from the Registrar of Companies portal. If you are interested in company registration in Hong Kong, the name search and reservation is an important step. One of our experts is able to assist you during this time.
This video summarizes the main steps for reserving and registering a company name in Hong Kong


Requirements for company names in Hong Kong

The name for a company in Hong Kong must be chosen according to several registration requirements:
- it must not be identical to or resemble an existing company name;
- it must not be offensive;
- its use must not be a criminal offense.
Investors in Hong Kong who are considering a company name can perform a company name check with the Registrar of Companies. The Registrar keeps a special Index of Company Names, where registered company names can be verified. Individuals can also see if a certain name was previously used by another company.
The company name verification is important and it allows the entrepreneur to see if a chosen name is the same as another or if it closely resembles it. Company names in Hong Kong may be registered in Chinese or in English, however, combinations of the two languages are not allowed. Names that are in English must end in the word “Limited” for limited liability companies and the Chinese name will end in the corresponding characters. Investors who are interested in Hong Kong company formation will need to check the avilability, reserve a company name and register it before completing the other steps needed for company incorporation.
Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong who want to further protect the identity and distinctive marks, logos, and symbols of their company can register a trademark in Hong Kong.

Company names that require prior approval

Company names in Hong Kong may be subject to further inspection and may require a special approval from the Registrar if they might give the impression that they are associated with the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Company names that contain a specific set of words (including words like trust, trustee, tourist board, tourist association) are also subject to prior approval.
Companies in Hong Kong may change their names after incorporation through a special resolution. One of our company registration agents in Hong Kong can give you more information regarding the requirements to perform this change.
If you need more details about how to choose and reserve a company name at the Registrar please feel free to contact our company formation experts in Hong Kong. We are able to help you with all matters concerning company registration in Hong Kong.


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