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+852 2388 8049
Company Formation Hong Kong



Hong Kong Companies Registry

Updated on Thursday 21st December 2017

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Hong-Kong-Companies-Registry.jpgThe Registry of Companies in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Companies Registry is the agency responsible for the enforcement of the Companies Ordinance and the registration of companies incorporated in Hong Kong. Local and non-Hong Kong companies are registered here and de-registrations can also be performed.
Other ordinances enforced by the Registry in connection with company formation and administration are the Trustee Ordinance, the Registered Trustees Incorporation Ordinance and the Limited Partnerships Ordinance.
The Hong Kong company formation procedure is straightforward and the Companies Registry maintains a transparent policy for the registration procedure and the requirements for reporting according to the type of company.

The Company Registry’s attributions

The main function of the Hong Kong Companies Registry is to provide the public with services for receiving the needed documents for company incorporation and registering all Hong Kong or non-Hong Kong companies.
Legal and regulatory compliance is also important and the Registry ensures that the companies and its officers comply with the relevant obligations stipulated in the Companies Ordinance and the other Ordinances it observes.
The services provided by the Companies Registry Include:
- local limited liability company incorporation;
- non-Hong Kong company registration: for example branches in Hong Kong;
- changing a company name;
- changing the company name of a non-Hong Kong company;
- document registration: the annual returns;
- public search for information about companies registered in Hong Kong;
- deregistration of a defunct Hong Kong company;
- public search for licensed money lenders.

Hong Kong company formation

One of the most popular business types in Hong Kong is the limited liability company. Investors who want to open this business form need to follow a few steps for registration:
- choose a suitable business name and verify if it infringes any intellectual rights;
- submit the following needed documents to the Companies Registry: the company incorporation form, a copy of the company’s articles of association, the notice to the business registration office.
The Companies Registry allows for the submission of the needed documents both in electronic form and in hard copy. If all the documents are in order the Registry will issue the Certificate of Incorporation and the Business Registration Certificate. Applications that have been submitted in electronic form will receive an electronic certificate and those submitted in hard copy will receive the certificates in hard copy form. The Certificates have the same legal effects, regardless of their form.
You can contact our Hong Kong company formation specialists for more information about company registration with the Companies Registry


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