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Company Formation Hong Kong



Virtual Office in Hong Kong

Updated on Thursday 07th March 2019

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By Vlad Cuc, specialist in company formation matters 

The virtual office is a physical address and the optional office-related services based on a chosen subscription but without the need to buy or rent office space. By choosing to work this way, the business owners and employees can work from another location and still have their business presence guaranteed in Hong Kong.
Foreign investors in Hong Kong have numerous business options when it comes to the type of company they can establish in Hong Kong as well as how they can base their newly incorporated company. The virtual office in Hong Kong can be particularly advantageous for small companies and start-up but it is suited for all types of businesses. By opening a virtual office in Hong Kong, your business will benefit from conducting business activities in the city from a high-profile office at lower costs than in the case of a traditional office.
The main advantages of the virtual office in Hong Kong are summarized below:
  • Reduced costs: the costs for monthly or annual leases and services subscriptions are lower than compared to buying a property in Hong Kong or renting an office space as well as staffing it.
  • Flexibility: the virtual office offers flexibility both for the employees and the business owners: they can work remote with no need to commute.
  • Adequate business image: the image of the business does not lack anything when choosing to work via a virtual office.
  • Complete services: most virtual office packages, including the one provided by our agents, include complete general services as well as various additional ones so the business will run smoothly and without any inconveniences. 
Because this type of office can have certain advantages depending on the type of business and the business sector in which the company operates, our company formation representatives in Hong Kong are ready to offer you personalized advice if you want to open a virtual office in Hong Kong.
Our agents invite you to watch a short video about virtual offices in Hong Kong:


The virtual office package in Hong Kong

Our company has a vast experience in company formation services and virtual office services. The virtual office package we can provide for you and your business contains:
1. Prestigious business address: the virtual office is located in an office building in Hong Kong for a credible and risk-free base for corresponding with clients;
2. Registered office: this is mandatory for establishing a Hong Kong company;
3. Mail collection and forwarding: includes collecting and receiving mail and packages sent to your business at the virtual office address and the forwarding process that comes afterward.;
4. Incoming and outgoing faxes: your business can have access to our local fax number and our specialists will collect and send the faxes to you;
5. A local phone number in Victoria, Hong Kong: useful for direct calls from clients or business partners and for the general company details.
All of these services and other facilities are included in the virtual office package offered by W88 | Thailand Online Casino and Gambling Guide www.jayscheesesteak.net. Additional services include:
- Dedicated fax service with your own private and dedicated number;
- Cal redirecting: calls are redirected to your primary number;
- Collection of bank statements;
- Extra usage of the meeting room. 

Doing business in Hong Kong 

Our company incorporation agents in Hong Kong will make sure that your business runs smoothly and that all of the legal requirements are taken care of. Hong Kong is welcoming foreign direct investments, however, foreign investors still need to observe the relevant applicable legislation for foreign investments.
Our Hong Kong company formation consultants can help you with detailed information about company registration in Hong Kong and company management in Hong Kong. Please contact our Hong Kong company incorporation specialists if you have any questions. 


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