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Company Formation Hong Kong



Start a Laundry Business in Hong Kong

Updated on Thursday 21st December 2017

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Start-a-Laundry-Business-in-Hong-Kong.jpgCommercial laundries are very popular in Hong Kong and, in a sense, they were necessary because of the limited space in some of the apartments in the city. These types of establishments provide low-cost and convenient solutions for families and businesses who need cleaning options on a regular basis. 
Starting a laundry business in Hong Kong can be convenient for many investors and it can be a good option for those who are looking for an investment idea.
A laundry needs to be established in a suitable location and company registration in Hong Kong is the same as for any other type of business.
We invite you to watch a short video about the needed steps for opening a laundry business in Hong Kong


Starting a laundry business in Hong Kong

Investors who want to enter the laundry business have several options: they may provide 24-hour coin-operated laundry machines for their clients to use as they please or they can provide professional cleaning services. 
Laundries and/or Laundromats in Hong Kong can be situated throughout the city in locations that offer enough space to base the washing machines and dryers. The initial investment will include the costs for company formation in Hong Kong and those for the equipment needed to provide the actual laundry services. Investors can open a laundry on their own, as a sole owner or they can form a partnership with another investor. When they decide to open a company in Hong Kong investors may choose between several business forms.

Requirements for companies in Hong Kong

Entrepreneurs who are interested in Hong Kong company formation need to comply with the few basic steps for company incorporation:
- choosing a suitable company name and opening a bank account;
- registering the company with the Companies Registry;
- buying or renting a location for their business;
- hiring employees.
All profits derived from a Hong Kong source, like those produced by a laundry business, are subject to the corporate income tax
Investors may also open a laundry franchise or a dry cleaning franchise in Hong Kong. Those investors who have the necessary capital for starting a business and wish to use an already existing business plan can explore this investment opportunity.  
You can contact our company formation experts in Hong Kong if you need more information about the requirements for investments.


  • Catherine 2017-02-16

    Great business idea!

  • Wick 2017-02-17

    Good business idea!

  • Emilia 2017-02-21

    The laundry business is a great way to start a small company.

  • Heather 2017-02-26

    I was thinking of such business myself. Must analyze the market and the grounds.

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