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Open a Fast Food in Hong Kong

Updated on Thursday 21st December 2017

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Open-a-Fast-Food-in-Hong-Kong.jpgHong Kong is a modern city that has blended its influences both in its official languages, English and Chinese, in its lifestyle and in its food. The Chinese influence is significant in the city’s restaurant scene. Dining options are diverse and they range from high-class restaurants to the wide range of street food options in Hong Kong.
Investors who open a fast food in Hong Kong tap at the very essence of the city: fast moving, reliable and flavourful. The ever-busy Hong Kongers and the large numbers of tourists welcome fast food chains.
A number of aspects are important when deciding to invest in a fast food chain or a restaurant in Hong Kong. This type of establishment needs to be set-up in accordance with several health and management requirements. One of our company registration agents in Hong Kong is ready to assist you during the preliminary steps of incorporation. 
We invite you to watch the following video on how to open a fast food in Hong Kong

Fast food and restaurant regulation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong style fast food is true to its name: fast, simple and delicious meals that can be served in around five minutes. Fusions of Chinese and Western dishes are common throughout the fast food chains in the city.
In order to open a fast food in Hong Kong, the owner will need to obtain a special license for functioning. The Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department is the one that issues a general restaurant license. Several documents are required when submitting the application with this department, including the company’s constitutive documents and a premises description, indicating the fact that the new fast food place has adequate food preparation and storage areas and the required facilities for clients.
Depending on the products it will be serving, the establishment will also need a liquor license. When importing certain products, the fast food will need an import license. Our Hong Kong company formation experts can give you more details in these special permits and licenses.

Company formation in Hong Kong

Investors who open a fast food in Hong Kong need to incorporate a company and obtain the Business Registration Certificate from the Companies Registry. Company formation in Hong Kong is simple and business certificates are issued in a very short amount of time.
The fast food establishment will need to have suitable premises, built in line with the health requirements, the building and fire safety requirements in Hong Kong.
You can W88 | Thailand Online Casino and Gambling Guidecontact our Hong Kong company formation agents for more information about opening various types of establishments in the city.


  • Mary 2017-02-16

    Right on time! I want to open a fast food business in HK.

  • Amanda 2017-02-17

    Great business idea!

  • Georgia 2017-02-21

    The fast food business in always a great idea, as most of the people prefer to eat in this type of locations.

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