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Obtaining Telecommunications Licenses in Hong Kong

Updated on Thursday 21st December 2017

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Obtaining-Telecommunications-Licenses-in-Hong-Kong.jpgProviding various broadcasting or telecommunications carrier services in Hong Kong is subject to special licensing and control.
Businesses that need to obtain telecommunications licenses in Hong Kong need to apply for the appropriate permits with the Hong Kong Communications Authority.
Company formation in Hong Kong is an easy procedure that includes both the registration of the business and obtaining special permits and licenses according to the business form or activity.

Types of telecommunication licenses in Hong Kong

Telecommunications licenses in Hong Kong can be divided into broadcasting licenses and telecommunications licenses. The first are a separate category and one of our agents who specialize in company registration in Hong Kong can give you specific details on the requirements for broadcasters, both for television and for radio/sound broadcasting purposes.
Telecommunications licenses in Hong Kong are issues for the following categories:
- carriers;
- wireless internet of things;
- public radiocommunications;
- class licenses
- services-based operators;
- other categories including those for radiocommunications schools, experimental ratio stations or amateur stations, ship stations, aeronautical or aircraft stations or radiocommunication services for taxis in Hong Kong.
Once they decide to open a Hong Kong company that provides some or one of these services, entrepreneurs are required to find the specific category of license they need to apply for.

Applying for telecommunication licenses in Hong Kong

Applications for telecommunications licenses are submitted with the Hong Kong Communications Authority and the needed application form will differ according to the type of license. For carrier services, a distinction is made between unified carriers, fixed and mobile ones.
The validity period of the licenses is established by the Communications Authority, pursuant to the Telecommunications Ordinance. Some licenses are valid for one year after their issue date and can be renewed.
Our agents who specialize in Hong Kong company formation can give you specific details according to the type of telecommunications license you need to apply for.
Contact us for assistance in obtaining special permits and licenses for your Hong Kong company.


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