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Company Formation Hong Kong



Frequently Asked Questions about Company Formation

Updated on Wednesday 20th December 2017

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Frequently-Asked-Questions-about-Company-Formation-in-Hong-Kong.jpgAre you thinking about opening a company in Hong Kong? Foreign investors who choose to do so usually have a lot of questions and the simplest way to answer them is to ask for professional help. Our company registration agents in Hong Kong can help you answer the most frequently asked questions about company formation in Hong Kong.

1. Can a non-resident start a company in Hong Kong?

Yes. Any individual can open a Hong Kong company, regardless of nationality. Foreign investors have the same investment rights and obligations regarding company formation.

2. Does the company have to be based in Hong Kong?

Yes. The company needs to have a registered address in Hong Kong. Foreign companies can also choose to open a branch or representative office which will also have to be based in the city. 

3. How can I open a bank account in Hong Kong?

A bank account is required for companies incorporated in Hong Kong but it is not mandatory for those that do not have their main place of business in the city.

4. What are the basic steps for company incorporation in Hong Kong?

Choose the type of company, choose a company name and have it approved by the Companies Registry then make the application to register the new company at the Registry, either in person or through the electronic portal. Our company registration specialists are here to help you throughout this stage.

5. What is the minimum share capital in Hong Kong?

No specific requirements, however, companies that have a share capital must state the capital and initial shareholdings in the Articles of Association.
We also invite you to watch this comprehensive video about questions related to company formation in Hong Kong


6. What are the documents needed for company incorporation in Hong Kong?

The Articles of Association must include certain mandatory information about the company and its organization, including information about its members. The liability of the shareholders and their contributions are also included in this document.

7. How fast can you incorporate a company in Hong Kong?

24 hours for online applications submitted to the Companies Registry. Contact our company formation consultants for specialized consultancy in order to make sure you business is law compliant.

8. Do I need special permits and licenses in Hong Kong?

Yes. Special permits and licenses are required for businesses that sell or prepare food (restaurants and other food shops), those that sell non-food goods (electrical appliances, firearms, chemicals, materials and others) as well as for those companies that provide various services (amusement, construction, education, financial services, land and air transport and others).

9. What are the taxes that I have to pay in Hong Kong?

The profits tax in Hong Kong is 16.5% for income earned in Hong Kong and 15% for unincorporated businesses.

10. What are the reasons to invest in Hong Kong?

- Strategic location in Asia
- Numerous business opportunities
- Great infrastructure
- Advantageous taxation regime for companies and individuals
- Qualified workforce
- High standards of living
You can contact our company registration consultants in Hong Kong for detailed information about starting a company and investing in Hong Kong.


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