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Establish a Pet Store in Hong Kong

Updated on Thursday 21st December 2017

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Establish-a-Pet-Store-in-Hong-Kong.jpgStarting a pet business in Hong Kong can be a good business opportunity. The city is home to Hong Kongers who love animal but also to expats who bring their pets along with them when they start to work in Hong Kong
In order to establish a pet store in Hong Kong entrepreneurs needs to start with a love for animals and a qualified staff that shares the passion, as well as with opening a Hong Kong company.

Pet stores in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a densely populated city that is also home to pets of all sizes and species. Cats and dogs are a popular choice but people also have a love for birds, reptiles or rodents, as they may be more suitable for the smaller apartments in Hong Kong. A pet relocation service is available for expats who want to bring their pets in Hong Kong. 
Pet lovers have access to w wide variety of pet shops that provide pet-oriented services. Investors who want to establish a pet store in Hong Kong can provide specialized services, such as grooming services only or combine these with pet food shops and veterinary services. 
Special permits and licenses are often required in businesses such as these. For example, pet stores will need to comply with several requirements, among which having suitable premises for housing animals and, if needed, suitable operating rooms. Hygiene, for safety permits, and others may be needed.
Our team of company formation agents in Hong Kong can tell you more about these special permits and licenses and other investment-related specificities of the pet-care industry.

Opening a company in Hong Kong

The new pet store in Hong Kong can operate as a limited liability company or a partnership. The first is a preferred option because the founders have limited liability and, in the case of the private limited company, they also have lower requirements for accounting and reporting.
Company formation in Hong Kong is straightforward: a unique company name is needed, a bank account for the company and the Articles of Incorporation. Registration is made with the Companies Registry.
All companies in Hong Kong, including Hong Kong pet stores, must have a registered office in the city. Pet store employees in Hong Kong may be locals or expats.  
For detailed information on company formation in Hong Kong please do not hesitate to contact our experts. 


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