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Company Due Diligence in Hong Kong

Updated on Monday 11th March 2019

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Company-Due-Diligence-in-Hong-Kong.jpgBy Vlad Cuc, specialist in company formation matters

Due diligence verification in Hong Kong

The company due diligence process in Hong Kong is necessary in business transactions that involve company mergers or acquisitions. Due diligence offers a thorough analysis of the targeted company's history, financial background, credit information and many others.
The process is important in the final decision made by the foreign investor who is interested in purchasing a Hong Kong company. Buyers can rely on the information obtained after a company due diligence procedure to make an appropriate business decision and avoid any investments that could prove to be risky or inefficient on long-term. 
Our company registration agents in Hong Kong can help you with a complete due diligence verification and the necessary assistance for carrying out company mergers. The process of verifying a company in Hong Kong is also described in this concise video below. Take a look!


The due diligence process in Hong Kong

The due diligence process is performed on key elements that characterise the business. An expert will target the financial, commercial and operational information about the company so that the buyer will have all the relevant data concerning its status before the purchase. 
The company due diligence process can target the following key areas:
- corporate structure: the company directors and its shareholders, the share capital, contacts with other affiliates;
- real estate: the company's assets, including but not limited to real estate owned by the company or rent agreements;
- employees: the number of employees and details about their wages and contractual clauses;
- tax compliance: up to date financial records, tax returns submitted by the company, confirmation that the company has proper books and records; information about any debts and creditors.

Assistance in verifying Hong Kong companies

A well-performed company due diligence process can ensure a successful business transaction. Another benefit is that the buyer will have more control over the purchase. Our representatives can help you shorten the time needed to buy an already existing company or perform the necessary procedures for company mergers. 
You can request our services for more company formation matters and for information on how to open a company in Hong Kong.
Contact our company registration specialists in Hong Kong for more details and personalised advice.


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