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10 Things About the Hong Kong Business Culture

Updated on Wednesday 20th December 2017

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10-Things-You-Didnt-Know-About-the-Hong-Kong-Business-Culture.jpgForeign investors in Hong Kong often find themselves in the middle of a different culture and different business habits. The Hong Kong business culture can be defined in many ways and has various particularities. Our Hong Kong company formation represeentatives can tell you interesting facts about the Hong Kong business culture.
Our company registration agents in Hong Kong invite you to watch a short video about these significant business and cultural customs in Hong Kong:

1. Be punctual

Punctuality is important worldwide and Hong Kong is no exception. 

2. Greetings

A handshake and a slight bow are customary when greeting business partners. Hierarchy is important in Hong Kong and the first one to be greeted should be the senior member;

3. Know a little Chinese

Although English and Chinese are both recognized languages in Hong Kong, your Chinese business partners will be impressed if you master some simple phrases in Cantonese, especially when greeting them.

4. Physical contact

In Hong Kong, physical contact is rare. The usual handshake is enough and you shouldn’t extend to other gestures;

5. Titles are important

You should use an individual’s title with his or her name whenever possible;

6. Wear red

Red is considered a lucky color and you can wear this during a business meeting (as a tie or accessory if you want to avoid an all-red dress). Avoid wearing white as it is associated with mourning and worn at funerals;

7. Preparation is key

You will be able to impress your Hong Kong business partners if you deliver a well-prepared documentation and are diplomatic. In presentations, simplicity and a thorough preparation are key elements. 

8. Negotiate calmly

In Hong Kong, negotiations may take some time and you should be patient and calm. It is not polite to pressure your Chinese business partners;

9. Dining: chopsticks and toasts

Toasting is important and you shouldn’t refuse a drink. The guest of honor is the one to make a toast. When using chopsticks (and you should learn to use them properly) it is impolite to rub them together before dinner (it implies that they are poor quality).

10. Be open

Regardless of the business field, if you open a company in Hong Kong you should keep an open mind toward the existing cultural differences
If you are interested in knowing more about the legal requirements for doing business in Hong Kong, you can contact our agents.


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